Special Delivery in Asheville

Special Delivery in Asheville

Sometimes the day you had planned does not go the way you had it scheduled on your calendar, but when we make a guarantee to a client, we have to see it through.

Last week a client from Orlando was attending a conference in Asheville. He ordered a sport coat with the expectations of wearing it at the opening meeting of his conference.

The plan hit a small snag as the package was delayed for the Labor Day holiday and rerouted to a different city by mistake.

We received this clients sport coat around 3:15pm the day of the event. Craig, our CEO, intercepted the coat from the delivery driver and got it to Josh, our COO. Josh met Jessica, one of our sales reps, in Easley, and she drove to Asheville to hand deliver it to the client 45 minutes before his event.

We normally do not like to work on that type of a time crunch, but when it comes to fulfilling a promise to a customer, we will do everything we can to see that promise to fruition.